Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Lenovo is currently the World's No. 1 PC maker. Why?

Lenovo is currently the World's No. 1 PC maker. Why? 

One word is Growth. They have become the most exciting and innovative company in the PC industry today by changing the landscape with innovative products and solutions.  

Providing a full fledged touch portfolio from Helix to Tablet 2.
Lenovo ThinkPad Helix
The ThinkPad Helix, a laptop-tablet hybrid with a "rip and flip" design, allows three completely different modes of use when the tablet itself is docked on the spill-resistant keyboard. There is no better time to enjoy the opportunity to be a client or customer. For more information contact  They are committed to products and services which enables you to be a part of an exciting future in the technology world. 

For the first in seven years the worldwide PC market go Lenovo a Chinese PC maker in which a few years back to over the responsibility to build the business after taking over the product line for IBM.  Lenovo has seen positive major growth.

So, Lenovo has taken the No. 1 worldwide title from HP.  Worldwide and domestic PC shipment numbers evolved to the distribution channels and end users.  Although, it's a challenging time for all PC maker. Lenovo have kept its focus.  Despite the ongoing uncertainty in the market today Lenovo continue to perform as they go forward to maintained their leadership position.

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